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Twice recognized as best business radio broadcast by the New York Press Club (in 2012 and 2015), CEO Radio is written, voiced, and produced by Ray Hoffman. It is unique, among short-form programs on major metropolitan radio stations in the United States, in its exploration of leadership, decision making, and the entrepreneurial spirit within a 75-second news feature format. 

CEO Radio --running continuously from 2007 through 2022 on WCBS Newsradio 880 in New York; syndicated across the CBS Radio Network on such stations as WWJ/Detroit and KCBS/San Francisco-- is built around Ray's interviews of successful entrepreneurs and chief executives. Multiple segments highlight different aspects of their experiences.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           HERE'S THE CEO RADIO ARCHIVE (under construction):

P&G...and The Talk. Chief Brands Officer Marc Pritchard on how Procter and Gamble took a stand on a deadly, generations old, racial issue. Aired 11/8/22:

CEO 221108 NET [tue] Marc Pritchard

A new drug in clinical testing is showing very positive results against some nagging abdominal conditions. What’s it called? Ray Hoffman pronounces the rest of us don’t have to! Aired 10/25/22:

CEO 221025 NET [tue] Hartmut Ehrlich pt1

A CEO who led by helping his people. Management guru Roger Martin on the examples set by former, two-time, Procter and Gamble CEO A.G. Lafley. Aired 8/30/22:

CEO 220830 NY [tue] Roger Martin pt 2-2

Sure, plastic bottle recycling is big. But tennis shoe and t-shirt recycling is going to be a whole lot bigger. France's Carbios is enlisting some big consumer brands to join in on a revolution. Aired 8/2/22:

CEO 220802 NET [tue] Carbios pt3.

First Act: Plastic Bottles; Second Act: Polyester. France’s Carbios opens up a second front on plastics pollution. CEO Radio with Carbios CEO Emmanuel Ladent. Aired 7/25/22:

CEO 220725 NET [tue] Carbios pt1

How did the Smart Car get so smart? The New York marketing firm StrawberryFrog created a social/cultural movement around it. Meet CEO Scott Goodson. Aired 3/22/22:

CEO 220322 NET Scott Goodson pt2
2016 New York Press Club - Presentation
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2016 New York Press Club Presentation
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Here's the collection from 2014 that won the New York Press Club award...
Asmau Ahmed - 2014
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How does a 10-part CEO Radio profile play? Try this series with Nigerian-American entrepreneur Asmau Ahmed. It's from 2014...
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