Twice recognized as best business radio broadcast by the New York Press Club (in 2012 and 2015), CEO Radio in 2022 enters its 16th year on New York's WCBS Newsradio 880. Written, voiced, and produced by Ray Hoffman, CEO Radio is unique --among programs of any length on major metropolitan radio stations in the United States-- in its celebration of leadership, decision making, and the entrepreneurial spirit in a 75-second news feature format. 

The series is built around Ray Hoffman's interviews of successful entrepreneurs and chief executives. Each segment highlights a different aspect of their experiences. CEO Radio, which began in early 2007, has long been one of WCBS's most popular features, both on air and online (in a podcast version, which has attracted upwards of 25,000 downloads a month). Recent programs are available for download at CEO Radio also is syndicated via the CBS Radio Network, regularly heard on such stations as KCBS/San Francisco and WWJ/Detroit. 

2016 New York Press Club - Presentation
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2016 New York Press Club Presentation
Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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Here's the collection from 2014 that won the New York Press Club award...
Asmau Ahmed - 2014
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How does a 10-part CEO Radio profile play? Try this series with Nigerian-American entrepreneur Asmau Ahmed. It's from 2014...

The audience and demographics for CEO Radio: 

WCBS Newsradio 880 possesses a unique credibility. It has one of the most attentive, best educated, most affluent listening audiences in the New York metropolitan area...attracting close to two million adult listeners every week. Recent Scarborough figures show a daily cumulative audience of 175,500 listeners in the management and financial fields; 144,000 listeners with an annual income of over $100,000. Recent Arbitron ratings show WCBS's 5:00 AM hour (in which the first CEO Radio report airs) with a weekly cumulative audience of 266,000 adults, 18 and over.

To advertise on WCBS 880, call 212-830-3735...and not the number you see on the (circa 1956-58) ad below. (Although why, oh why, would CBS ever have surrendered such a marketable phone number as PLaza 1-2345???)